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Работа в Ташкенте / Резюме / Бухгалтерия, финансы, аудит / Главный бухгалтер
46 лет (родилась 21 февраля 1973)
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Опыт работы 4 года и 2 месяца

    • июнь 2012 – июль 2016
    • 4 года и 2 месяца

    Главный бухгалтер

    Представительство Colgate Palmoliva, Ташкент


    • Prepare annual, monthly reports - Tax consulting; maintain accounts of the taxes and obligatory payments. - Prepare of tax forecasts, analysis of financial activity. - Prepare of statistic reports. - Export- Import operation - Work with various official bodies (Ministry of the Finance, Ministry of Justice, Tax and Customs Committees, MFEA). • Prepare reports on salary taxes to local tax department; • Prepare and submit to the Bank all payment documents; • Cashier duties – to get bank documents, cash from the Bank, disburse salary and per diem to the staff; • Refund VA Tax • Prepare cash and bank reports, accounts receivable and payable report monthly; • Prepare calculation of production costs; • Prepare reports: Equipment report, Vacation accruals • Administration of documentation for trips, clearance of staff advances • Registration of all agreements, invoices • Insert all transactions into 1-C; • Administration of inventory (stationary…): preparing acts of putting into operations and acts of writing inventory off, based on data provided by Office Manager; Optimization of all banking business process: lending, customer accounts, currency control, Operations, Payments, Risk management, General administration, HR, IT/EDP. • Preparation of recommendations; • Consulting different business divisions on statutory questions & requirements.

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Microsoft Office (MSWord, Excel, Access) 1C 7.7, QuickBooks MYOB, SUN, Vision, iPower, Visio