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Работа в Ташкенте / Резюме / Транспорт, логистика, ВЭД / Менеджер
37 лет (родился 28 августа 1982), высшее образование, cостоит в браке, есть дети
Ташкент, Чиланзар, готов к переезду
Гражданство: Узбекистан
Имя, телефон и почта будут доступны вам после авторизации
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Logistics manager

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Опыт работы 10 лет и 5 месяцев

    • Июнь 2010 – июль 2013
    • 3 года и 2 месяца

    Water Supply Supervisor / Logistics

    Fluor Corporation


    Working as Water Supply Supervisor. Responsible for Supervising 25 personnel and 8 Water Purification Plants and groups. Develop/ maintain the accuracy, scope and effectiveness of the SOP, DTG. Interpret and clarify technical issues related to water operations requirements. Act as the primary liaison with PVNTMED. Identify key performance indicators. Identify reporting and documentation requirements. Develop training requirements and materials for water operations personnel. Define roles and responsibilities for each water operations job title. As SME with HR assistance take interviews to select qualified candidates for vacancies. Makes new plans and estimates. Responsible for new project plan estimating (PPE).
    • Февраль 2009 – июнь 2010
    • 1 год и 5 месяцев

    Water Purification Supervisor (Logistics)

    KBR Inc.


    Working as a Water Purification Supervisor. Responsible for Supervising 25 personnel and 8 Water Purification Plants and groups. Assists in leading the creation of organization structure and processes required to fully execute the requirements of services and has responsibility for the execution and compliance of water standard testing, water sampling, maintaining log and equipment readings. Tasks properly completed impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency of profitability of operations. Consequences of error are easily measured and can be confined. Involves a great deal of organizing, work prioritization and related skills, and/or great deal of peer interface is necessary to properly complete tasks via teamwork. Took interviews with assistance of HR to select qualified candidates for open positions.
    • Март 2007 – январь 2009
    • 1 год и 11 месяцев

    Water Purification Lead Technician/ Foreman (Logistics)

    KBR Inc.


    With minimal guidance, facilitate the production of water for the client by operating and maintaining reverse osmosis and other water purification equipment. Maintaining materials on hand make a new requisitions for needed equipment/ materials. Supervise 24 Water Treatment Technicians in the performance of their duties. Enforce safety standards and conduct on-the-job-training Recognize/ identify deficiencies and take corrective actions and report to supervisor and manager, identify critical items. Ability to follow technical instructions, establish equipment maintenance schedules and utilize reference material to improve water mission. Must make rapid, appropriate decisions to improve simple to complex problems, keeping safety a priority. Possess understanding of how bladders affect plant operation and their potential safety hazards. Ability to recognize symptoms of equipment maintenance issues (i.e. membrane fouling/scaling and take corrective actions and provide critical path maintenance planning and support). Possess basic water plant hydraulic and electromechanical operation and troubleshooting skills. Possess basic understanding of water treatment techniques and equipment used in the reverse osmosis process. Mechanical ability to facilitate diagnosis and repair of water treatment equipment; calibrate and maintain inline instrumentation. Effective computer and communication skills. Must interface with other KBR departments to improve the water mission; generate and follow up on material requisitions. Must demonstrate knowledge through the passing of a written skills assessment and hands on evaluation.
    • Апрель 2006 – март 2007
    • 1 год

    ROWPU Operator (Logistics)

    KBR Inc.


    My job consists of water reports, keep water records such as testing results and water produce and issue. Sending daily water reports to Water Supervisor, Water Theater Admin, Operations. Inventory chemical storages and parts for the water purification units, fittings for water lines. Sending materials to other locations, such as fittings, chemicals, parts for the ROWPU, water pumps, PPE and all necessary things for water operation. Installation of RO units and distribution systems for potable and non-potable water source. Install, operate and maintain well pumps (ground water pumps). Understand all aspects of daily operation and up-keeping for the water purification systems. Make periodic operating checks of ROWPU systems, such as chemical feeders, measuring controls and gauges. Maintains plant records including operation logs, daily logs. Chemical usage and water consumption Collects and performs lab test on samples for chlorine residual, turbidity, pH and TDS, Hardness, M272, SDI tests. Changed RO filters, cartridge filters. Performs routine preventive maintenance such as lubrication and cleaning equipment. Super chlorination wells and water tanks, water trucks. Installed well pumps, replace water bladders and water tanks.
    • Январь 2006 – апрель 2006
    • 4 месяца


    KBR Inc.


    Work as an Escort for Land Fill department Assisted in the missions of the Land Fill Escorted the HCN’s, oversee them working safe and get the work done properly
    • Август 2003 – ноябрь 2005
    • 2 года и 4 месяца

    Interpreter/ ROWPU Operator (Logistics)

    KBR Inc.


    Work as an Interpreter and ROWPU Operator for the water department. Operated R.O Units. Replaced water bladder and repair the leaks. Interpreted to Subcontractors on the construction at the water point, translated them what and how it needs to be done. Assisted in installing well. Carried out water foreman’s orders. Kept records for water issue, produce, storage. Inventory all the storages, such as chemicals, parts, fittings and etc. Assisted in the operation and production water supplied to the base. Operate, maintain and assisted to perform required maintenance on the Reverse Osmosis units in place. Replaced parts on the water Unit such as R.O elements, cartridge filters, high pressure pump and service pumps. Perform required tests in order to maintain strict water quality standards as required. Random and AQL tests. DFAC chlorine test before each meal. Unit hourly tests such as CL2, Turbidity, pH, TDS. Controlled chlorine injector pumps and the level of the CL2 in the Water.
    • Июль 2003 – август 2003
    • 2 месяца

    Interpreter/ Technician

    KBR Inc.


    Worked as an interpreter in the HVAC department. Performed preventive maintenance and repairs to various AC/heating units. Processed work orders and distributed work load according to amount of personal and time available.
    • Сентябрь 2002 – январь 2003
    • 5 месяцев

    English teacher

    Ministry of Education


    Performed work as secondary school teacher. Provided a safe and healthy environment for the students. Implemented training courses for students and assisted on their work loads.

Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

Компьютерные навыки: Сертификат "Компютеры в офисе" MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Adobe, Email, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Internet.

Дополнительные сведения:

Волейбол, футбол, бильярд, теннис.

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык — cвободное владение
  • Узбекский язык — cвободное владение
  • Русский язык — cвободное владение

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  • B — легковые авто
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